Your Essential Guide to Hire Purchase Agreements for Buying a Van

It can be said that buying a vehicle is one of the most important decisions you can make for your business, as it can seriously affect your cash flow as well as your prospects in the long run. But if it’s necessary, it’s necessary, right? However, you would want to make sure that the decision you make is the right one. That being said, you should get to know your options in regards to vehicle financing. One option favourable to most (and said to be the simplest option as well) is a hire purchase agreement. But what is it and how can it be advantageous to you?

What is a hire purchase agreement, and how does it work?

Basically, a hire purchase agreement is a contract where you make arrangements with a dealer or retailer to pay a down payment deposit of about 10% of the vehicle’s value. The down payment deposit can vary from one retailer to another. After making the deposit, you can make monthly instalments for the vehicle which can last from one year to five.

your-essential-guide-to-hire-purchase-agreements-for-buying-a-vanWith a hire purchase agreement, you are essentially ‘hiring’ the vehicle until your final payments are made. After your final payment, the vehicle is technically yours. Keep in mind that the rates are often better for new vans than for used vans.

The benefits of a hire purchase agreement for your business

There are many benefits you can get from a hire purchase agreement, one (obvious one) of which is the ability to save money and not dig too deep into your savings. But there are other less obvious advantages to a hire purchase agreement as well.

One prime advantage is the fact that you can choose more flexible terms when it comes to repayment. You can choose to pay off the vehicle in one year, or, if you are cash-strapped (or just starting out), you can choose to make payments over five years. However, just like with any financing agreement, the longer your term, the higher the interest rates will be.

Another advantage to a hire purchase agreement such as one from is the low deposit. In fact, the deposit for hire purchase agreements is lower compared to other financing deals. You can also benefit from a fixed rate of interest, which allows you to adequately plan your budget every month. Additionally, once you have settled payments for half the vehicle’s cost, you may have the option to return the vehicle.

Without a doubt, a hire purchase agreement is one definite option for any business owner in the UK. You can take advantage of a wide array of deals and financing options when it comes to hire purchase agreements from various dealers and retailers. Just make sure to choose the right retailer by doing a comparison so you know you are getting a good service.

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Tips for Starting a Car Repair Business

There are tips all around for starting clothing businesses, nail salons, hair salons, and e-cig stores. However, what happens if you want to start a car repair business? Tips are rare, and it is an industry where one bad step can have you longing for business. Starting a car repair business can benefit you and your community greatly, and if it is your dream you should go through with it – as long as you are careful in how you start your business.

You need a good business plan – and a realistic business plan. Yes, they are one in the same, but how many times have you daydreamed about what your business will become? Well, that’s in the future (for some of us it’s way in the future), and you need to focus on the now. The business you will open, and will struggle with for the time being. Be realistic when it comes to affording bays, tools, equipment, staff, and parts.

Focus on your scope of business. Do you specialize in domestic vehicles? Luxury vehicles? Diesel motors? Gasoline motors? Do you paint, as well? These are questions that only you can answer, and it helps to know before you look for business funding.

Business funding is something that can be hard to come by, thanks to the “high risk” loan categorizations of these businesses. Alternative funding options for businesses are what you need to look for – and there are many ways to find it. Government and local government loans, merchant cash advances, and crowdfunding sources are all promising, but like cars these are not “one size fits all”, so be sure to do your research before signing on with a funding source.

You also need to figure out your selling points. Much like your scope of business, this will set you apart. This can change over the years, but it is best to figure it out early – and stick with it. This is what helps you maintain a good customer base. Are you a “green” company? Or, perhaps you restore classic cars? Whatever your niche, define it – and do it well.


Affordable Yet High Quality Dealer Decals

When we are driving a car, we often see on the back side of the car in front of us there’s striker decal of a car dealer or other types of business. Thinking more about it, that’s quite a clever way to promote a business. As long as the decal stays on the car body, it goes everywhere the car goes maximizing exposure of the brand and name of the dealer of business.

In this economic situation, you know very well how important to have a strong brand and building a strong brand means you need to optimally reach your target market. Using dealer decals, you can optimize your marketing campaign in very smart and cost effective way. With quite simple and affordable way, it is able to raise awareness of your business. But it takes the right dealer decal to start and for that, the only name to trust is Park Place Printing & Promotional Products, LLC. This is the leading service printing company specializing in providing printed promotional products for automotive industry including car dealerships, auto care and service centers, auto body shops, and other related businesses. This company can offer complete lines of promotional products to support effective marketing campaign including high quality sticker decals.

Park Place has years of experience in this business. It has the best expertise and also the best resources to provide the best product you need. The decals from this company is made from top grade materials combined with state of the art printing technology. It allows high quality image with clear color to each and every detail making sure the brand will get optimum exposure. Both the decal materials and the printed image are guaranteed to last for years in tough outdoor weather. Another reason why you must choose Park Place, this company offers very affordable price.

Buying a Used Car Is So Simple With Truebil

True bil has made the process of buying a used car simple, easy, hassle-free and convenient. Now you can buy your dream through this site sitting at home or office or on the go with True bil mobile/ iPad app. What’s more, all automobiles listed on this site are genuine, well scrutinized, inspected and analyzed by its engineers before going live thus protecting its potential buyers against fraud. In addition to this, there are thousands of certified cars listed on this site daily. Hence as a buyer you can never short on options and can select the best pre-owned cars that fit your needs in terms of area, locality, budget, and amenities from the finest car available in the automobiles market.

Let’s now have a look at some of the prominent reasons as to why buying a car is simple as well as extremely beneficial with True bil –

Enables you to book a second hand car online in few seconds:

True bil comes with stupendous offers time to time, wherein its customers get a lifetime opportunity to book a car with few clicks. Before proceeding with the booking, you can check out the complete detail of the used swift car including the interiors and exteriors, certified documents, insurance certificates, servicing details etc. In addition to this, you can also get the detailed information about the manufacturer before initiating the transaction.

Helps you to select best car within minutes

Whether you are searching to buy used car in Mumbai or any other city, with True bil you can get the finest of the homes within minutes. The site enables you to refine results by categories such as brand, models, body type, price etc. thus helping you to narrow down your search results and expedite the buying process.

Offers several value added services to complete the deal with ease

The role of True bil does not end by just enabling its customers to select the best cars at best prices with best amenities, it takes its services to altogether new levels by providing value added services. It features loan eligibility calculator that lets you know the down payment amount you need to pay for a car along with your car loan eligibility.

This goes a long way in expediting the buying process. In addition to this, you can also take help of its car experts for any query related to car issues, documentation, registration and stamp duty process, etc. All of these features make the most preferred online portal for buying a used car.

Classic car rentals

Classic car rentals

There are many companies in Los Angeles that offer the service of renting classic cars like Ford Mustang, Cadillac Eldorado, Bugatti, Ford Thunderbird etc. These classic cars are available on rent at great price. Renting a classic car is a great way to enjoy any special occasion like wedding of a family or a friend. On these cars you will simply love to sit back and enjoy the ride. Whatever may be the occasion like wedding or if you want to present a birthday gift to someone very close to you then gifting him/her a ride on these cars and spending a week or so in the beautiful city of Los Angeles will surely bring a boost in your relationship. If rented for a wedding then the bride can be made feel like a princess by making an entrance on these classic cars.

These classic cars rental companies in Los Angeles also offer long term car rental. So if you plan to travel to Los Angeles or the area around it, these companies can help you by quickly quoting the right price. So think about going on your honeymoon and riding with your partner in these stylish classic cars. These companies can make it all possible and make your trip a memorable one. Not only on honeymoon or a dinner date but also if you have a family size of 1-4 members then you can book a classic car and have a ride around Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, etc. and make your outing a special one. While riding on these cars you will surely feel like a star and many people in the city around will wave to you and it will surely make many heads turn. Classic cars ride is an experience alone for which people want to pay and why not because it will only make the event or occasion extra special .Who will not like to have a classic car ride if these are starting at attractive prices like $249 per day and those planning for a long term rental like for a week or so then they may get some discount too.